Our Dam - WH's Mishka First Bride of Dracula



Our Sire - WH's Vladislav Count Dracula

This litter consists of 4 puppies: a black female, a fako female and two maszko fako males. They are ready for their forever homes the 2nd week of July 2023

Woods Hollow Farm

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Mishka has definitely taken herding to heart.  She is a farm dog and is always outside.  Since she was a pup, she's go, go, go, but once it's bedtime she's curled right by your side.  Mishka loves getting into mischief, organizing chickens, taking long walks, rolled in the sand, and playing with her favorite donkey in the pasture.  She loves to give affection.  She is always looking for the perfect high ground to keep watch over her herd, both human and animal.

Vlad is the descended from champion show dogs.  He is the rarest variety of puli, the maszko fako.  His silver corded coat is beautiful.  Vlad is a devoted family dog.  As loyal as your teddy bear.  Playful and fun, loving and sweet.  He's never more than 10 feet away.  He's enjoying being a dad, playing with his puppies all day long.  When you meet him, you will fall in love.  Sorry he's ours, but you can have one of his pups.

‚ÄčOur pulik come in a few varieties.  We have the standard black puli, the fako variety, and the maszko fako variety.  Our puppies have AKC registration, their first set of puppy shots, microchips, and a vet check.  From day one the puppies are acclimated to many different animals and dogs.  They are very healthy, well-adjusted puppies.  They all learn their place in the pack, are introduced to pasture animals to practice their herding skills.  Please don't wait any longer before adding one of these guys to your family.  Maggie will also provide cording lessons for the first 2 years, if needed.  Contact us today before they are gone.