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                                                Woods Hollow Farm has been breeding gun dogs for over 40 years.  We started with Brittanys, then moved to cocker spaniels, and then German Shorthaired Pointers.  We have made a switch from gun dogs to herding dogs and have started breeding the Hungarian Puli.  As well as breeding purebred dogs, we always have a number of rescue dogs.  Woods Hollow Farm prides itself on giving many rescue animals a good forever home.

The puli is a versatile herding, guardian and family dog originating in Hungary. Pulik (plural for puli) are a compact powerful working dog. They are agile and faithful dynamos. They are most well known for their corded double coat. These cords begin to form between the first and second year, once they have formed all they need is a good scratch to seperate them.  These little dogs will enjoy herding your kids as much as the livestock they were bred for.  They are wonderful family dogs because of the bond formed with their herd.  Only aiming to please the puli is easy to train with only affection as a reward.

While the puli makes an excellent companion, before committing to any breed be sure to do your homework.  No matter where the herd is, in the field or the house, they will devote themselves to you.  We love to talk about our dogs, if you have questions please contact us.  We will share all our knowledge with you.

The German Shorthaired Pointer is a versatile hunter and all purpose gun dog comfortable on both land and in the water.  The GSP is a medium to large dog weighing between 40 and 70 pounds.  They are a high energy dog and thrive when they have space to run and birds to hunt.  There is nothing like watching your pointer out in the field.  The GSP is a friendly, smart and loyal companion.  They are also known as Velcro dogs and love to be part of the family.  They believe their place is at the owners side whether in the car, on the couch or under the covers of the bed.  While the German Shorthaired Pointer makes an excellent companion, before committing to this breed be sure to do your homework.  They require space, training and constant love and interaction.  For more information please check out the following links.

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