Our Dam - Sequoia Woods Hollow's Prunella

      Woods Hollow Farm has

Puli puppies available

for sale,


Our Sire - HP Woods Hollow's The Roan Baron


Our puppies come in many color patterns from white with liver patches to ticked with patches.  Our puppies have AKC registration, their first set of puppy shots, microchips, and a vet check.  From day one the puppies are acclimated to many different animals and dogs.  They are very healthy, well adjusted puppies.  They all learn their place in the pack, are introduced to birds to practice their hunting and spend time in and around the water.  Please don't wait any longer before adding one of these guys to your family. Contact us today about our next litter.


Woods Hollow Farm

Baron is descended from champion hunting bloodlines.  Baron is one of the sleekest dogs I have ever seen.  His muscle definition is near perfect.  Baron is an excellent swimming retriever.  He is our most affectionate dog.  He is the epitome of a Velcro Dog, spending most of his down time in your lap.  Baron is a young dog, but continues to impress. 

This is Prunie at 8 weeks pregnant.  Normally Prunie is slim and fit, without an ounce of fat on her.  While she enjoys hunting, her favorite pass time is running.  She has been clocked at close to 30 mph.  She is an attentive mother and loves trips in the car.