​Izaboo,Tulie, Isaac, Socrates, Suleiman & Camela

Woods Hollow Farm has been involved with camels for the past 12 years.  Annie works with our own camels and also trains for Conservation Ambassadors Zoo to You

To Learn more about Conservation Ambassadors Zoo to You, please use the following link

Annie teaching Isaac to "cush".  A command every camel must master.  Notice the very light touch required.  Camels are fast learners.  Annie uses positive reinforcement and "camel sense" to train without intimidation or fear.  Isaac is a pro now.

Six Dromedary Camels call Woods Hollow Farm home.  Camela and Suleiman are the most recent additions to Woods Hollow Farm.  Camela is Izaboo's second baby.  She's already a year old.  Suleiman came from Texas, he is a 2 year old castrated male.  Theye will grow up with Izaboo, and Isaac, animal ambassadors from  Conservation Ambassadors Zoo to You.  Izaboo is a 8 year old new mother of Isaac a 4 year old born at the farm on Easter.  Tulie is a 5 year old female that joined the farm when she was 5 months old.

Annie began working with Izaboo when she was 1 year old.  Working with Camela and Suleiman  will require everything from socialization to halter training, and eventually packing and riding.  We are excited to have these new addition to the farm.

Woods Hollow Farm